So let me rewind a bit and tell you how the idea came to me to do my Celebrity Test Kitchen Broadcasts on Periscope... Over a year ago I had taken a break from cooking professionally, closed down my dessert business and started focusing on speaking, motivating and holding women's events. Once I heard about Periscope I started doing regular broadcasts teaching people how to change their mindsets so that they can manifest the life that they truly desire. I was enjoying it and had build my Periscope up to over 1800 followers and over 500k hearts in just 2 months! Then I began to feel that something was still missing. It was shortly after that, I watched an episode of Marie Forleo where she was interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic. That interview turned a light on for me. Elizabeth mentioned a quote by a german philosopher, Paul Tillich, that says "All love becomes help." Basically she was saying that you don't always have to set out to help and save the world. Do what you love, be with people that you love and eventually the love that you are radiating will help and make people better.

That one moment was so freeing for me. I didn't realize how much I had missed being in the kitchen and sharing that part of myself with others. So I immediately went on to my Periscope channel and announced that I would be incorporating cooking and food into my scopes. It felt like a new chapter was about to begin and my followers were very receptive. After the scope was over I then wondered what it was that I should do. Should I start regular cooking scopes? Nah everyone is doing those. What about baking and desserts? Nah...there are a ton of bakers  and dessert makers already. I was at a loss but I knew it would come to me.

A few days later, I'm sitting in my home office and I prayed to God to give me an idea. I looked at my book shelf filled with celebrity cookbooks and thats when the idea came and Celebrity Test Kitchen was born! This concept brings me joy and I'm back to doing what I love in a fun way. I hope you follow me on Periscope @kristiahnaclark and tune in on Tuesday nights. My oldest daughter helps me out and we have a blast.